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From waves to peaks

Last week I finally managed to go surfing here in Ireland with two friends.

Over a month ago we decided on the weekend and booked up our hostel and the bus to get to Donegal on the west coast.

As always it did not work out as we planned it but in the end everything went grand, as the Irish would say.

On Friday morning I got a link from my friend telling me that Bus Eirann the biggest bus company went on strike.

I knew Irelands public transport system was bad but I found out the full extent of how shitty it really is when I was searching for any other way to get there, there wasn’t any…

The only option to get to south Donegal on this day was to rent a car as there were no bus companies going to Donegal.

After some back and forth we decided it would be better to book a rental car then to waste the money we spent on our hostel.

So right after work we went to Hertz and rented a tiny UP.

We set of in our tiny car on the three hour drive through Ireland into the night.

On the next morning we got up kind of early and were greeted by beautiful blue skies, a rare sight on the Emerald Isle.

We walked down to the local surf shop and rented some boards and suits after we strapped the boards on top of the UP we were ready and drove to the close by Rossnowlagh Beach.

The waves were pretty small but nice and steadily rolling in, overall very nice beginner conditions.

We jumped right in and surfed until late in the afternoon, when we packed up exhasuted but happy with how the day turned out.

Because the weather was still really nice we decided we should try to get to a nice spot before the sun would dissappear.

After a little bit of research we found Mullaghmore, a peninsula close by, and one of the few places we would actually be able to reach before sunset.

With only minutes to spare we arrived and were greeted by one of the most impressive sunsets I’ve seen in a while.

I managed to get a few long exposure shots but I feel like I still have to practice quite a bit on those.

On Sunday morning we got up quite early took our boards and headed to the beach again.

This day the waves were unfortunately very small.

Somebody who wanted to look cool also decided to pick a shorter hard board, which resulted in us sitting around in the cold water for quite some time.

After a while we decided to pack up and do something more exciting.

We started to look for something on the way back to Dublin where we could take a break for a few hours and discover the area, surprisingly it seems like all interesting things in Ireland are along the coast line.

Then I remembered I had seen a post on instagram the day before of Mt. Cuilcagh in Ulster.

After checking google maps we saw that this mountain was right on our way back home.

Around 4pm we pulled up in the car park and decided to go on an allegedly 6h walk.

At a fast walking pace we managed to do this walk in about half the time but then we decided to make some phot stops along the way.

When we made it to the top we were rewarded by some nice views and a lot of wind.

A bit later we headed home and arrived back in Dublin late at night.

The bus by which I was extremely annoyed in the beginning turned out to be extremely fortunate for us because with a rental car we were able to explore so much more during this weekend than we ever would have done by bus.

Also Hertz seems to have forgoten to add the young driver fee and we got our money for the bus tickets back so we ended up not even paying more.

I hope you enjoyed my little tale and pictures and I will try to do my best to post more frequent updates from now on.

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